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Non Habitual Residents

“The Non Habitual Residency Status, introduced by the Decree-Law nº249/2009, of the 23rd of September was implemented to attract investment and highly qualified professionals or “high net worth individuals”, providing fiscal benefits for those who wish to become fiscal residents in Portugal.

The benefits of the NHR status to those who wish to become fiscal residents in Portugal could go from a 20% fixed rate over their income, to total exemption of taxes in Portugal thanks to the treaties to avoid double taxation.

The said fiscal benefits are granted for the period of 10 years, with the possibility of suspension for a period of time.

To apply for the non habitual resident status it is only required that the applicant becomes resident, for tax purposes, in Portugal, and was not considered tax resident in Portuguese territory on the five years previous to the application to the status.

Our attorneys specialize in providing customized legal assistance for those who wish to become non habitual residents and are highly experienced, having to this date a 100% approval rate in all NHR requests.”


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