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Golden Visa

GOLDEN VISA The new laws approved by the Portuguese Goverment, opened the possibility of applying for a Golden Visa activity Investment in Portugal for citizens of third countries, personally or by a company established in Porugal or in anoter EU State, and permanent establishment in Portugal.

Holders of residence permits for investment activity have the right to family reunifcation, and may have acess to a permanent residence permit, as well as the Portuguese Citizenship in accordance with the legal requirements.

What are the benefits of "GOLDEN VISA " for foreign investors?

The Regime of "GOLDEN VISA " offers considerable benefits, essentially a simplified form and input and privileged stay in Portugal, which allows the holder to reside and invest in this country, create links with the Portuguese territory and other territories that we are related through the "Schengen area" and allows relatives of the holder of ARI acquire the same rights of residence in Portugal. And later allowing for a application for assignment of Portuguese nationality or the application for an authorization permanent.

What are the requirements necessary to achieve the "GOLDEN VISA "?

The main requirements for obtaining "GOLDEN VISA"

  • Acquisition of real estate in the minimum amount of 500 thousand euros;
  • Transfer of capital of an amount equal to or greater than 1 million euros;
  • Creation and maintenance a company creating at least 10 working stations.


  • Passport or other valid travel document;
  • Proof of legal entry and stay in the national territory;
  • Proof of health insurance;
  • Request for consultation of the Portuguese Criminal record by SEF;
  • Proof of the situation regularized upon presentation of negative declaration updated debt issued by the Tax Authority and Customs and Social Security.
    Criminal record certificate from the country of origin or in the country where you reside more tan a year;

How long foreign investors can take advantage of these benefits?

The authorization of "Golden Visa" is granted for a period granted for a period of 1 year and then renewed for 2 successive periods of 2 years,a total of 5 years. In which they must keep the requirements of your assignment, and there are still minimum stay periods in national territory.

  • On the first year, you only need to stay for a period of 7 days in the Portugal
  • On the second year when you do your first renewal, you only need to stay 14 days in Portugal, which you can use them on that year that you are doing the renewal.
  • On the Third year the same applies when you do you renewal of the next 2 years.

What is the "GOLDEN VISA"?

What is called " GOLDEN VISA" is not strictly speaking a visa, although there is also something in this category. The "GOLDEN VISA" is a "residence permit" for entry and residence in Portuguese territory, for investment purposes (hence the generic name, right, ARI – residence permit for investment). Is intended to be assigned to anyone who is not a citizen of the territory of the European Union, or of the Schengen area, nor under its implementation requires it, and complete certain requirements, essentially related to investment, purchase of buildings and/or job creation. Are applicable rates/fees application and renewal, and must be prepared in advance the documents required for verification of the conditions of assignment.

Who can make use of the "GOLDEN VISA"?

The tittle "GOLDEN VISA" is intended to "nationals of third States ", i.e. citizens of Territories not included in the Union Europe.

The "Golden Visa" holders may apply to the process of family reunification and may have access to the Permanent Residence Permit or even Portuguese citizenship, in accordance with the legal provisions.

What is the purpose of "GOLDEN VISA"?

Apparently in addition to make attractive Portuguese national territory, aims to attract investment and
job creation. Alternatively, it seems, aims to facilitate the Portugal contacts with the outside world, promoting culture, investment real estate, international relations and, eventually, the integration of
investors immigrants, through permanent titles or even requests for nationality. On the other hand, it appears that this type of securities can allow their holders a privileged access to territories with which
Portugal has good relations (as are the official speaking countries Portuguese, being most of them growing economies)

What are the costs of the "GOLDEN VISA"?

  • There is cost of €517 euros for analyzing the process for each adult and €82 euros for analyzing the process each child.
  • And a cost of €5.200 for the issue of the "Golden Visa" for each person
  • On the second year, the renewal will cost €2600 for each person
  • The same applies on the third year for the nenewal of the next two years.

What is the Schengen Agreement?

The Schengen agreement is an International Convention between several countries (the majority of countries of the European Union, with a few exceptions) and other territories that the discipline
access and transit of citizens of these countries, facilitating and disciplining the international movement of people. Contains several exceptions (in particular in social, political or economic contexts concretes), is growing in number of adherents, though its gradual application is time consuming in many of the territories subscribers. There are a variety of exceptions and limitations imposed by various countries to sign up, although, in terms the agreement to allow a large transit States citizens Subscribers.

The "Golden Visa" holders in Portugal do not require a visa to enter the Schengen area. Can move freely in the Schengen area for a maximum period of 3 months (90 days) for each half-year from the date of first entry.

For clarification details, please contact us by email. We work with one of the best and most respected lawyers that can help you and make the whole process of your  "GOLDEN VSA"

Algarve  Elite Property works with one of the best and most respected lawyers, that can help you and make the whole process of your "GOLDEN VISA" We handle the entire process, informing and clarifying all doubts that may arise. With Real Estate links across Portugal, we have at your disposal a vast portfolio of properties located throughout the country.

For clarification details, please contact us by email.

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